Rebecca Allan: Tondos from the Crossroads Project

Rall Gallery, Doane College October 23-November 16th, 2015

Doane College, in partnership with Arts Are Basic, is pleased to host The Crossroads Project, a convergence of science, music, art and performance. Dr. Robert Davies, Physicist at Utah State University has established collaboration with Purchase College Professor of Music Laura Kaminsky, National Geographic photographer Garth Lenz, the Fry Street Quartet, and painter Rebecca Allan to present an “ecosystem” performance of responses to climate change.  Dr. Davies’s goal is to extend his investigation beyond our direct impact on the earth’s climate, to explore ways that society might respond to environmental changes.
In tandem with the performance of The Crossroads Project, Rall Gallery features Rebecca Allan’s exhibition Tondos from the Crossroads Project. Allan has traveled to and observed numerous watershed environments nationally and internationally. The artist uses this experiential research, along with a deep curiosity about science and environmental forces to drive her painterly abstraction. On Allan's very physical surfaces, paint is pushed, shifted, peeled, layered, and washed away, mimicking environmental and planetary forces like soil erosion, tectonic shift, and glacial melting. Allan states that although her compositions are "grounded in the visible world, my paintings are sensual inventions that conflate real and conjured experiences.“  This exhibition features a series of small tondinos on paper, as wall as larger tondos on canvas; the smaller works serve as a metaphor for how localized environmental events add, compound, and ultimately have profound global effects.  
About the Artist
Rebecca Allan is a New York-based visual artist known for her richly layered and chromatically nuanced abstract paintings. Her work investigates watershed environments of the Northeast, Pacific Northwest, New Mexico, the Gulf Coast, Lebanon, France, and Norway, and is inspired by her interest in landscape ecology, botany, and geology.  Exhibiting nationally and abroad for more than 25 years, Allan’s most recent solo exhibitions were presented at Ringling College of Art + Design/Longboat Key Center for the Arts, Seattle Art Museum (SAM) Gallery, and 2/20 Gallery in New York City. She has been a Fellow at the Hermitage Artists Retreat, Centrum Foundation, Virginia Center for the Creative Arts, and Dorland Mountain Art Colony. Allan is also the Head of Education at the Bard Graduate Center for Studies in the Decorative Arts, Design History, and Material Culture in New York City.
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