Making a painting is a way to represent or document a place, but also an opportunity to misunderstand it. Painting requires both makers and viewers to quite literally push their associations through substance in order to meet; the results rarely fit as we might anticipate, but create a tactile, satisfying, surprising experience. That material effort helps to cement – and honor - the gaps between incongruous pairings.

I paint environmental approximations of collaged or synthesized spaces and common objects, with attention to conversation between representation and abstraction. Inspired by cinematic depictions, actual travels, vicarious vacations, and terrifying prophecies of climate, my painting practice involves collecting impressions and embracing misinterpretations. I invent terrain to explore further by depicting landscapes as physical, ethereal, constantly changing and vertiginous. Hybrid spaces and visual puns cross the breaches between actual places and our common practice of experiencing those environments through images, souvenirs, and memories. I make associations and substitutions, using the stuff of our everyday surroundings as proxies for faraway places and complex environmental phenomenon.